Modification & Enforcement in Cook County

Family law disputes can be among the most difficult, emotionally draining times of your life. When dealing with these disputes, you need an attorney who will listen to you, focus on your needs and will be committed to protecting you and your rights.

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Changes to Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

When a job is lost, a promotion is achieved or a serious illness requires specialized, expensive health care, obligations under the divorce decree such as child support, spousal support or parenting time may need to be revised.

If you or your ex-spouse have experienced a significant change in circumstances — economically or otherwise — Orland Park attorney Roland P. Ernst of the law offices of Carr, O'Rourke & Ernst can help you make the changes you need to your divorce decree. For more than 38 years, Roland P. Ernst has helped many Cook County and Will County family law clients rebuild their lives when substantial changes in circumstances have made them unable to comply with obligations under their divorce agreement. When circumstances warrant, he has also assisted clients in obtaining more support than originally ordered.

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Adjustments in Support for Changes Occurring After Your Divorce

Once a child support or spousal support obligation has been established, it is not permanent. A modification of support may be possible in circumstances such as:

  • Significant changes in income such as promotions, pay cuts or loss of job
  • New employment
  • Illness or disability suffered by a parent or child
  • A growing child's more demanding financial needs
  • A spouse receiving maintenance remarries or lives with a new boyfriend or girlfriend

Adjustments to Allocation To Parental Responsibilities And Parenting Time

Sometimes situations arise where the parenting schedule may be required to be changed. This may arise when there is a change in an employment schedule, or a spouse wants to remove the children from the state of Illinois. Sometimes because of significant changes it may be in the child's best interest that provisions relative to the children be charged be changed.

Child support, modifying parenting time and decision making, and maintenance provisions in a divorce agreement are not set in stone. Too many things can change — employment, health and increased needs of the children, just to name a few. Roland P. Ernst provides the quality representation and personal service that can help you with every transition.

Orland Park Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

The provisions contained in your divorce decree are considered court orders. If your former spouse is refusing to comply with parenting time or decision making provisions, child support, spousal maintenance, visitation or property division provisions contained in your judgment for dissolution of marriage, you can request that the court enforce the terms of your divorce decree.

Illinois court orders are meant to be followed. Remember:

If it is not being done, then your former spouse is violating an Illinois court order. When court orders are not being followed, Roland P. Ernst can take your matter back to court and seek remedies such as civil contempt in order to ensure that you receive all you are entitled to pursuant to the court's order.

Modifying Your Obligations

If you are unable to comply with provisions of your divorce decree due to a lost job or recession-related hardship, we can help you seek a modification of those obligations. In order to modify those obligations you must file a petition with the court, and Roland P. Ernst can help you obtain a modification of your obligations.

If you require a modification of your support obligations, don't delay as support will continue to accrue until a petition for modification is filed. If you have lost your job or suffered a decrease in pay, contact Roland P. Ernst to arrange an initial consultation.

Contact Orland Park child support enforcement & modification attorney Roland P. Ernst to discuss how he can help you receive the items you are entitled to under your divorce decree. Call 708-966-2259.

Our Client Testimonials

  • “Roland was an excellent listener and took the time to understand and empathize with what was important to me in outcomes. He not only understood the law, but could see the areas where we could negotiate with my ex and her lawyer.”

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